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The same text in russian.

Clabra clipboard viewer is a 32-bit application to help you to convert text to and from 4 different russian encodings: win, koi, iso, alt. You may need this usually when your browser wrongly determined the encoding of the html page or when you get mail scrambled while delivering.

To view text in Clabra all you have to do is to paste the desired text block from the clipboard or load it directly from file. Some kind of encoding auto-detection may be performed at the same time (note that the program can handle up to 3 convertions, say iso->win, alt->koi, win->koi). In case of a mistake you can always choose another convertion for the text manually. And there's always a way to save the text as file in any of the 4 above-mentioned encodings.

Release history
may 1999 - base version 1.0 released;
june 1999 - version 1.1, some bugs deleted;
sep. 1999 - version 1.11, now the program can be minimized to system tray;
1999 - version 1.2, added new encoding support (lat), Drag-n-Drop and ability to choose and use system fonts for text drawing.

Clabra is a freeware but it has some ads-showing feature so if you agree to use Clabra you also agree to see advertising. Banners will be displayed in the upper part of the window and will be changing every few minutes (by the way, it means additional net traffic). Clicking on the banner will cause your default browser to load the associated web page.
Here it is to download (zipped to about 400K).

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