Welcome to matrix workshop! Matrix workshop is a little Java applet, where you can perform various operations on matrices.
Using it is all simple. In the upper row there are buttons New,Rename,Copy,Edit and Delete. These operations serve for creating and managing the matrices and their contents. Names of the created matrices will appear in a listbox on the left.
Button +x,*x,+M,*M,det,invert,trans are for appropriate mathematical operations.
  • +x,*x - operations with numbers;
  • +M,*M - operations with another matrix.
  • det - calculates square matrix's determinant.
  • invert - invertes matrix.
  • trans - transponate matrix.
    Note! Mathematical operations like addition, subtraction and multiplication are binary. It means that if, for example, you want to store sum of matrices A and B in matrix C (C=A+B) you should do the following: make a clone of the matrix A(copy), rename it to C, add matrix B to C (+M). Operations det, inverse and transponate are unary, i.e. they are applied to the chosen matrix.
    If you don't know what inversion, multiplication and other operations on matrices are you can find help here.
    You are ready now? Load applet.
    Feel free to contact me by email.

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