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Preference card game

This program (Danzig Pref Engine) is created for playing preference (or preferans), a card game which is very popular in Eastern Europe.

Here are the main features:

  • Sochi version of the game (and Leningrad from v>=1.1).
  • You can play with a computer.
  • Playing over the net with other people. NetBIOS and TCP/IP protocols are used.
  • The main difference from other pref-playing programs (like Marriage) is a significant reduction of computer thinking (<1sec). It causes AI to be not prefect, but this is adjustable. To teach the program to play strong for the same short time is the purpose of the project.
  • The program is designed for 32-bit OS, i.e. Win95/98/NT.

    Short history.
    2 nov 1999. Version 1.0 released.
    21 dec 1999. Version 1.1 released. Some bugs fixed and Leningrad version of the game added. English help added too.
    3 may 2000. Version 1.2 released. Some bugs fixed and some features added. Game engine improved, the program seems to play stronger now. Rating calculation system is changed to prevent its unlimited growth.
    10 oct 2000. Version 1.3. AI slightly changed (mainly in playing misere). 'Throw the widow' feature added and now you can choose card backs.
    10 jul 2001. Version 1.4. Banner at the top of the window is now gone. DPE is now a shareware program. After 30-days test period you must register.
    Known bugs are corrected (AI plays wrong suit in the start of all-pass game, program crash while viewing score table in a game of 4 players). New features are: you now can change background color; cards in your hand can be separated by suits; view last trick; the program can write log of the game; save/restore game.
    21.07.2002 . Version 1.5. New connection manager. New feature added: Quick finish of the contract when the result is obvious to everyone (all players agree). Some bugs fixed and undocumented features now added to options dialog.
    26.09.2002 . Version 1.54. Fixed a bug with a resource leak (incorrect bitmap drawing after a long play). Autosave option added and you can change text colors now.

    Download here (ver.1.54).

  • Copyright (C) 1999-2004, Rugila