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Recommended books:
Dm. Lesnoy "Russian preferans"

Great book from the real master of preference.
carte magic

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Registration procedure

Starting from version 1.4 Danzig Pref Engine becomes a shareware program. You may use it free of charge during a test period of 50 games. After the expiration of this test period or earlier you MUST register. Registration fee is only $20, you can pay it directly to the author or via RegSoft agent.
You may use secure link, if you prefer.

To register your copy you should send me your name and the code generated by the program (see 'Register' dialog box). After the confirmation of the payment I'll send you a small file regkey.dpe, which you should put to the program's working directory (by default, c:\Program Files\DanzigPrefEngine). From this moment your copy becomes registered. Current status can be viewed in 'Register' dialog box (it will change to 'Registered to ..') and a letter 'r' will be added to version number in the 'About' box.

All questions about the registration process can be asked by e-mail

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